V6 Twin Turbo

320 HP



You can count on the BMW 7-Series to make a technological leap with each of its generations. And with the latest sixth-generation models that made their debut last year, the 7-Series is certainly no exception, as it benefits from some engineering lessons learned, inside and underneath, with the automaker’s “i” electrified cars. On the outside, you might mistake the 2017 BMW 7-Series for a vehicle not significantly different from that of a couple model years ago; yet this one is radically different within, with a new Carbon Core platform that uses a combination of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), ultra-tensile steels, and aluminum to cut up to 90 pounds there alone. Lighter doors made of aluminum and lighter-weight suspension components are just a couple of the other changes; and they’ve managed to maintain a perfect 50/50 weight distribution.

After a decade or more of pushing boundaries with exterior designs, BMW seems committed to restoring some of its classic sport-sedan proportions. What it set in motion with the latest versions of the 3-Series and 5-Series sedans, it continues with the latest 7-Series—including more window glass, an upright, formal profile, and clean sheet metal. An especially upright version of the BMW family grille (an Active Kidney Grille that manages airflow) gives the look a somewhat more blunt nose, while otherwise the look is remarkably even-keeled—without the wedge-like upkick near the rear that’s added to other sedan designs.