McLaren 650s Spider


V8 Twin Turbo

641 HP

Automatic / Manual

The McLaren 650S Spider is even more intense than the coupe version, delivering open-top thrills  McLaren 650S Spider is the one you want – it’s even more intense than the standard car.The stiff carbon fibre chassis means the Spider is as rigid and well balanced as the standard 650S, and does 0-62mph in the same three seconds.

The roof stows behind the buttresses in seconds, and with it down it’s even easier to enjoy the roar of the new exhaust at full throttle. The new ‘cylinder cut’ system creates a blip on fast upshifts, and we experienced the full repertoire of the 3.8-litre V8 in a few tunnels.
It doesn’t sound as spine-tingling as a naturally aspirated engine, but it’s still special. You can enjoy the noise with the roof up as well, as the small glass rear window slides open to let more of the sound in.  the 650S Spider shrugs off its 40kg weight penalty. At the track it has the same razor-sharp agility as the coupe, and new optional bucket seats reinforce the increase in focus.