Mercedes G500 4x4 2 SQUARED


V8 twin Turbo

422 HP

Automatic / Manual


The 4.0 litre V8 biturbo engine in the G 500 4×4² stands out for its sublime power delivery, the targeted lightweight construction, as well as its high efficiency. The newly developed eight-cylinder features twin turbochargers which are not mounted on the outside of the cylinder banks but rather inside the V configuration – what is known as the “hot inside V”.

People say that only a G-Class can be better than a G-Class and that could be quite true with the launch of the G-Class 4x4 squared. This mammoth is based on the standard G 500 but has a “little” trick in its sleeve – portal freaking axles! Larger beadlock wheels are also part of the package and so is the variable chassis, carbon fiber body parts, two adjustable spring/damper struts running in parallel per wheel and a sportily luxurious interior. Add in some 400 HP on tap and you can imagine the places this thing can go. Permanent all-wheel drive, an off-road reduction in the transfer case, portal axles and three differentials lockable whilst on the move will not be found on conventional cross-country vehicles. Even the highest sand dunes are stormed by the show car with ease, whilst rocky terrain and water is driven through without any problems. The portal axles developed for versatile applications are the technical highlight of the G 500 4×4² show car. Therefore, on the G 500 4×4² the ground clearance rises to 450 millimetres and the fording depth to 1000 millimetres.